Our story

Beta Consortium is an international consultancy and construction company, founded and built on exceptional people, a commitment to service excellence and a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit.

Better cities, better living, better places

We’re living in a world that’s developing fast. Property and infrastructure projects and programs are becoming more complex. The drive for sustainable development is ever more pressing. To create cities and communities that solve these challenges, we must look at solutions from all angles, innovating together to identify the best course of action.

Our people give us that perspective, with their experience, confidence, drive, and commitment to always go the extra mile. Together we strive to build more efficiently, more sustainably, more intelligently, and more economically – to create cities and communities that don’t just function but inspire. Living on, long after they’re delivered.

Our historyWhere we’ve come from

Since 2016 our adventurous spirit has driven us to do things better and drive change through our industry. We have helped shape cities around the world.
Beta Consortium is now a young company, operating in 4 sectors from two hubs and inspiring each other and our clients to innovate.

Our cultureWhat drives us on

We practice in which Engineering and Construction companies stand to chart their fields of expertise in new markets. Beta Consortium provide facts and analysis that help companies involved in construction business to make critical business decisions when exploring new markets, improving for the operational efficiencies or simply seeking expansion through mergers and acquisition.
In an ever-changing global economy, strategic growth requires an intimate understanding of marketplaces, geography and cultural nuances. Beta Consortium take a hands-on approach to research through open sources, data bases and field investigations.

Our CommitmentsWhat we believe in

Beta Consortium is an international consultancy and construction company that has been involved in world-class projects and programs since 2016. Today, we employ more than 500 people across Azerbaijan and CIS countries.

We are committed to health and safety, innovation, and service excellence, being a responsible business, and supporting the communities in which we work.

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