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List of brands which we represent

Beta Consortium is a distributor of URTIM Formwork and scaffolding material

URTIM is a highly distinguished global company well-known for formwork and scaffolding solutions. For nearly 42 years URTIM has successfully completed more than 4000 projects in 64 countries. Their products are manufactured and certified according to European standards, as well as other international standards. URTIM is a reputable and competent producer of industrial applications worldwide, exporting safety and scaffolding systems to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia with an 80% export ratio within their total portfolio.

Trade and Material Supply

Beta consortium can be role player for supplying material for your projects. Our company employs network of suppliers that can help you to find your needed material based on your budget, on time.
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Oil and Gas Trading

If you are looking for Oil and Gas Supply and Petroleum derivatives our company can help you to find what meets your needs at best.