Procurement and engineering of procurement plays a vital role in the overall performance of PA and its clients through the full contribution of its resources to acquire goods or services. To achieve our goals, we engage a well-organized and highly-qualified team of know-how in Oil and Gas industry, with engineering, management, and other related backgrounds in the procurement process. Relying on the power of practical experience, we assume full responsibility for Procurement as follows:

  • Reviewing the possibility for manufacturing of equipment inside and outside the country.
  • Managing contracts with local and foreign contractors for supply and manufacturing of equipment with the aim to transfer manufacturing technology inside the country and reduce the use of foreign currency for projects.
  • Supervision of supply and manufacturing of projects’ equipment.
  • Set up procurement schedule include MR, TBE, TBA, Beta Consortium and Expediting of chain procurement. ery bad quack might jinx zippy fowls. Few quips galvanized the