Ongoing projects

Merchant Hotel

The Merchant Baku Hotel is in a magnificent, historic building that once housed the Caspian Shipping Company. Built-in 1858, the iconic architecture of the building reflects one of the most dynamic and vital periods in the history of Azerbaijan. Located in the heart of Baku, the hotel is a snow-white liner sailing on the ocean, where you can relax, feeling like a member of a sea cruise.

The entire interior of this hotel designs in the style of “The Great Gatsby”. Also, it combines a stylish modern design and many original details, including impressive murals showing old merchant ships that once sailed on the Caspian Sea. The marble floors cover traditional Azerbaijani carpets and harmoniously combine with vintage furniture. They create an elegant and, at the same time, individual atmosphere.


Crescent Development Project

Located on Baku’s waterfront, the Crescent Development is a prestigious mixed-use complex in the heart of Azerbaijan’s capital city, comprising a residential tower, a commercial tower with retail facilities, and a seven-star hotel located offshore on a man-made island in the Caspian Sea. AECOM is providing design, architectural, structural, and building engineering services through to project and construction management on both the on-shore and off-shore developments. The arched hotel, designed to symbolize a crescent — one of Azerbaijan’s national symbols — together with the two skyscrapers, will become an architectural landmark in the region and support the country’s continued economic growth.

Now Beta also plays its role as a well-known company in Azerbaijan for the accomplishment of this landmark.


The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is involved in exploring oil and gas fields, producing, processing, and transporting oil, gas, and gas condensate, marketing petroleum and petrochemical products in domestic and international markets, and supplying natural gas to industry and the public in Azerbaijan. Three production divisions, one oil refinery and one gas processing plant, a deep-water platform fabrication yard, two trusts, one institution, and 23 subdivisions are operating as corporate entities under SOCAR.

After several years of successful operation, this facility now needs maintenance. Now Beta company collaborate with SOCAR to carry out the job with providing all scaffolding job.

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Baku White City Project

Today, Baku’s skyline is taking on a new silhouette, with the regeneration of the Black City industrial area, in particular, being an emblem of the city’s dynamism. The motivation for the redevelopment of the area situated at the center of Baku Bay was provided in 2006 when His Excellency Ilham Aliyev, the President, issued a decree entitled “Comprehensive action plan for improving the ecological conditions in the Azerbaijan Republic during 2006-2010”.

Acting as a lead consultant is the renowned global design firm Atkins from the UK who has undertaken the master planning and detailed the planning activities for the project. Local architects and consultants are an integral part of a large team, which also includes additional architectural and design experience from the UK’s Foster & Partners (led by the legendary Sir Norman Foster) and the American practice F+A Architects, who have the strongest reputation in designing leading-edge retail projects.

The vision and professionalism needed on a project of this scale and grandeur, and the incorporation of the very latest in contemporary urban design has established the Baku White City scheme on the world map of leading urban projects. As the project moves forward, what was once the Black City will give way to what will be a signature of Baku’s spectacular progress and its status as the city leading in the region.

The beta company as a leading constructional and architectural Azerbaijani company has its own part in developing the Baku White City grandeur project as well.