Beta Consortium story

Beta Consortium is an international consultancy and construction company, founded and built on exceptional people, a commitment to service excellence and a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit.

Better cities, better living, better places

We’re living in a world that’s developing fast. Property and infrastructure projects and programmes are becoming more complex. The drive for sustainable development is ever more pressing.

To create cities and communities that solve these challenges, we must look at solutions from all angles, innovating together to identify the best course of action.

Our people give us that perspective, with their experience, confidence, drive and commitment to always go the extra mile. Together we strive to build more efficiently, more sustainably, more intelligently and more economically – to create cities and communities that don’t just function, but inspire. Living on, long after they’re delivered.



Finished and ongoing projects.



More than 500 people are working with us.


Worldwide clients

Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service.

What we doBeta Consotium Values

We have seven simple values that guide our behaviour and culture of innovation. Our values permeate through everything we do, including our relationships with our clients, our partners, our suppliers and the communities where we work.
Our history: where we’ve come from

Since 2016 our adventurous spirit has driven us to do things better and drive change through our industry. We have helped shape cities around the world.

Our culture: what drives us on

We champion people, whether as individuals or teams. Our people constantly strive for better and always go that extra mile, inspiring each other and clients to innovate. We challenge convention, apply a can do attitude and are committed to quality and service excellence.We employ an open and collaborative approach with our partners. This gives us a better perspective on how we can deliver cost-effective and beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders on every project, no matter how complex or challenging it is.
We strive to find better ways to deliver for our clients, communities and the construction industry. We constantly challenge the status quo, make the seemingly impossible possible, and will always do so.

Spirit of partnership
Our motto “TEAMS WORK” forms the essence of what matters in the construction industry, namely, people’s work and their hitch-free collaboration. With small-scale as well as large-scale cooperation in the spirit of partnership, externally as well as internally, beyond the limits of trademarks, countries and organizations, a level of success is achieved that is impossible on individual basis. – We will achieve more for our stakeholders if we combine our strengths, our know-how, our ideas and our experience. Moreover, the spirit of partnership is characterized by equal rights and is based on honesty, fairness and appreciation. To have it all prosper, we place relationships at the forefront of our actions: For instance, in dialog with our present or future clientele, we listen attentively, in order to be able to live up to your expectations at all times, in the realization of your projects.

Much like the spirit of partnership, trust is also enhanced only through appreciation and honesty – moreover, transparency and a sense of responsibility is also required on the part of every single individual. We count on trust in all areas: That is how a high level of individual responsibility on the part of every staff member becomes a cornerstone of our principles of leadership. And much like we count on long-term business relations, we also work with selected and proven subcontractors, with whom we maintain a confidence-based working relationship. And our financiers should be able to trust that we will handle the funds committed to us, in a judicious manner.

Solidarity means the ability to stand in for one another. In success, therefore, the central issue is not to keep one’s own benefits in focus and show responsibility in failures. The spirit of shared values is also crucial when it comes to reacting to the successes and particularly, the failures of others.

Innovative spirit
The flexibility of quickly adapting to market conditions when changes occur at short notice, is made possible for us, on the one hand, by the power of the capital and grows, on the other hand, out of innovations: They are the key to mastering future challenges. That is the reason why we place a huge value on constantly continuing the development of our processes, systems, products and our know-how. In addition to technical innovations, we are also a trailblazer – for instance, with our model of partnership – in contract innovations in the construction sector.

Our set standards – material and immaterial, individual as well as those of the company as one whole – must always be within an adequate framework. We must never forget that our success depends on the trust of our stakeholders, particularly the client and the stockholder, and that we are condemned to always having to earn this trust over and over again. Therefore, our stakeholders, their wishes and expectations are always the focus of our thoughts and actions, our plans and the execution thereof.

Our living space is characterized by construction works in a profound scale. Their impacts on the environment and man are manifold and – much like the products of our construction works – long-lasting. The knowledge of this confines us to acting on a daily basis: We develop solutions, intelligent technologies and create a network to link up all parties involved in construction. Together, we bear the responsibility. Together, we will be able to move a lot. Only so, we shall be able to secure an environment for the next generation, that is worth living in.

While respect, i.e. regard for the justified wishes and the needs of others, is a matter-of-course in the dealings between the contractor and the client, the staff and the superior officer, the corporation and the stockholders, it is yet not enough. Respect must always go hand-in-hand with fairness. That is why we expect it on a reciprocal basis – such as from superior officers towards their subordinate officers and between the genders. We promote equal opportunities and an environment that is characterized by fair conduct and is free of molestation of all sorts and attach huge importance to environmental protection, occupational safety and health protection – not only in our company and for our staff but also in the companies of our partners.

Everyone who deals with the group shall be able to count on one another: Every product of construction is a unique work and constitutes individual challenges for calculation, planning, execution, and operation. For the fact that we work in a disciplined manner, our clientele are, for instance, able to expect that we complete complex construction projects reliably and in the agreed quality, on agreed schedule and within the agreed budget. Only a high ethical standard guarantees reliable partnerships. We reject every form of corruption.


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