From fixed-price contracting to construction management and everything in between, our construction business has given rise to some of our most recognized and celebrated projects and some of our most notorious challenges and inspiring solutions. Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional thinking and relentlessly push for smarter, faster, and more efficient ways to deliver while always working with integrity to ensure we uphold high ethical standards on every project.

And if our relationships are the key to the success of our construction business, then our approach to health and safety, quality, and service excellence are most definitely the foundation on which everything resides. We are proud to be one of the leaders in the industry for safety performance and management; put simply, we want to create a culture where putting safety first is second nature.

We strive to create opportunity. Far more than just buildings, we see the property in terms of its larger context, whether we are regenerating forgotten parts of the city or reviving local communities. On every project, we consider possibilities such as community involvement and social inclusion and strive to create places that invoke local pride.

Beta Consortium was founded on a belief that the construction industry would benefit from a more open and collaborative approach and we would like to become a leader in construction delivery by adhering to that founding principle. We see ourselves as more than just construction experts. We are our client’s partner in the truest sense, and as a result, our role is to never stop looking for ways to be smarter, leaner, and more affordable and deliver faster.

Our team of experts has decades of combined experience in offering construction, general construction, and construction management services to our clients. We are firmly dedicated to our mission of providing the highest quality service to our clients and work with your team to create comfort and efficiency in a modern facility.

We have worked with clients with all sorts of project scopes and budgets and have become a trusted partner to many clients as they seek to meet project goals and bring optimal performance measures to their facilities.

General Construction

 Whether you’re building a new facility or renovating an existing one, we are a general construction contractor that specializes in commercial construction projects – from the early planning phases through occupancy.

Our team at Beta Consortium works closely with you throughout the entire construction process – from blueprints to subcontractor selection and each step in between – to ensure that your building meets your expectations and facility goals.

Why Beta Consortium?

 Our strengths lie in our ability to provide strategic, responsive and professional experts to our clients’ projects, all with our unmatched dedication to quality general building construction.

Our philosophy is that a successful project has several key factors and that all begins at the planning phase. During the planning phase, our general construction contractor team will work alongside you to solidify your project goals, schedule, and budget, forming a plan to serve as the catalyst for the duration of your project. We also understand firsthand that time is money and our team works hard to put a detailed project schedule together so that we can properly meet your timelines. Our project management staff are proud of the work they do as they closely manage your project and take pride in helping you accomplish your vision.

Relationships matter to the end result, which is why we emphasize and invest time in building strong ones with talented and specialty subcontractors in our geographic markets, knowing that with them as part of your construction team, we will deliver the highest quality work and a facility for which you can be proud.

Construction Management

The foundation of what we do at Beta Consortium is in our shared goal of bringing energy efficiency and operational savings to each one of the projects that we are engaged. By collaborating with your team and community stakeholders, together we can get a clear sense of your overall goals and develop a strategic process to achieving them.

We offer the following Construction Management Solutions as the first and only company, which provide these solutions in Azerbaijan:


With great resources, Beta company can handle all kind of scaffolding  jobs that is always an essential part of any construction projects. We as a third party with experienced  team can carry out all related scaffolding jobs.

Agency Construction Management

 This is a fee-based service that provides Beta Consortium clients with an experienced and objective advocate. We will act in your best interest throughout the entire project; from the initial concept to final construction closeout, we will guide you through each step.

As an Agency Construction Manager (ACM), our team has worked on more than 30 projects in Azerbaijan, with a value of several million dollars. Our experience included the completion of projects for many building types and owners and has grown over the years to include education, healthcare, government, commercial/industrial, hospitality and transportation.

Construction Management At-Risk

 Construction management at-risk is an alternative to the conventional design-bid-build process. In at-risk construction management, an independent firm — the construction management at-risk provider — consults with the project owner throughout the preconstruction phase of the project.

At Beta Consortium, we keep your project goals as the top priority and provide you and your team with superior analysis and cost-saving expertise. As the construction management at-risk firm, we provide a range of project management services, including establishing a guaranteed maximum price when hiring subcontractors. As the project moves into the construction phase, the at-risk management firm oversees all work to completion.

We know that each project is unique. As a proven, professional at-risk construction management company, we tailor our methods to meet your individual project needs, making sure that the end result fully meets your goals and expectations.

Construction Program Management

 With our experienced team of in-house architects, designers, engineers and project managers, Beta Consortium is able to provide more efficient and effective solutions for your long-term facility management needs. Our understanding and experience of the construction process eliminates high contingency costs and streamlines project schedules to keep you on-time and within the budget you have established.

Oftentimes, our clients prefer to have the preconstruction/design team, construction phase team, and other project players all managed by a single entity. At Beta Consortium, you gain a dedicated and highly-experienced partner to provide construction program management services. We’ll manage the entire project team for you and ease this burden and will remain in constant communication and be available to answer any questions you might have throughout the entire process.

Design-Build Services

 With a national reach and a network of experts across the country, Beta Consortium wish to leading provider of design-build services for clients. Leveraging the expertise of our team of engineers, architects, contractors, and project management specialists, we can take on design-build projects of any scope.

With a focus on energy efficient solutions, our design-build services incorporate advanced technology to create more functional spaces. Count on our team for transparent communication and creative solutions — every step of the way.

What Is Design-Build?

 Design-build is a project delivery model used in construction in which a single organization is contracted for both the design and build phases. As opposed to a traditional construction project, where the project owner works with different firms — and their associated subcontractors — for each phase, in a design-build project, the owner has a single point-of-contact throughout.

Beta Consortium’s design-build services encompass pre-construction assessments, architectural design, construction, and post-construction services. By keeping many of these processes in-house — and outsourcing to reputable partners when necessary — we can realize your vision in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.