When a construction project starts, it is composed of the shared interests of multiple parties: from lenders and borrowers to contractors, architects, and even the people who will benefit from it after 10 years. However, the majority of this interest pie is taken by the investors and lenders. Given the stake that these projects hold, a trusted body must be appointed to look after them and ensure the required deadlines and returns on investment are met. That is where a construction consulting firm comes in. Construction consulting companies work like loyal yet independent third parties by setting forth the interest of all of the parties of a particular construction project. Now, many lending companies consider hiring a construction consultant a cost-consuming approach. Given the fact that the business of construction lending itself is a risky trade, these companies need to entrust someone fully focused to bring out the best with these particular projects. Again, many lending firms believe in a one-off basis when it comes to working with a construction consulting agency. Although this approach might work for small banks, this will disrupt the operation of the bank is distributed all over the state or the country. In these instances, it is better to hire a full-time construction consultant. With the comprehensive reports that these companies and consultants produce and with their personalized focus on the ultimate benefit of the lending bodies, it is very possible that at the end of the day, everyone’s end of the bargain will be kept.

What is Construction Consultancy?

Construction consultancy is the crucial activity of overseeing construction projects as well as evaluating the relevant costs and contracts for them. Additional activities like working side-by-side with the engineers and architects to design the project, ensuring proper maintenance of the corporate social responsibilities, guaranteeing the upkeep of worker safety guidelines, and providing detailed follow-up reports to the partner lender companies are also included in the diversified field of construction consultancy industry.

Beta consortium is a well-known leading construction consultancy established in 2016. Working with an extensive and varied list of clients we operate in a wide range of sectors. Through continued sustainable growth our comprehensive team grows as well. Our commitment to customer service, and our results-driven approach, meaning we have established long-lasting relationships with our clients who choose to work with us time and time again.

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a fully rounded construction consultancy offering from the start of a project to the very end; offering industry expertise and insight to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions.